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 ” Be brave in business writing.” Dena Harris


Today was the day I had been waiting for as I was finally able to attend a Monthly luncheon that everyone has been raving about. A speaker was scheduled to talk about blogging, and even though I have been blogging for a long time, I always enjoy hearing from someone new.

My GPS, named Hilda, got me there after a little tour of downtown Winston-Salem! As I was parking I found a spot next to a lady that was unloading her car. I thought she must be our speaker, and as I got out I saw she was on her cell phone. No time for introductions, but as I breezed by I offered to help carry in her things. She said no and waved me on.

I approached the door of the restaurant and it was opened by someone also attending the same luncheon.  We ambled to the designated room for a networking time. As I entered the room I saw several people I knew and made the comment out loud that I didn’t hit the speaker in the parking lot and she would be here soon.

The next thing I remember is our host said, “our speaker is already here Sue,” and introduced me to Dena Harris! I laughed and apologized as if this was no big deal, but inside I just wanted to disappear and re-enter again!

To top off the faux pas, Dena looked at me complimented my colors, and said she enjoyed reading my blog and did I have a business card. I said thank you as I stumbled around apologizing again, and digging for a card. Could it get any worse than this?

Here I was the owner of a company, thinking I knew what I was doing, showing up for an important luncheon without having done my homework ahead of time.

But Dena had done hers. As she shared tips about blogging that I recorded on my iPad, she gave me new ideas that apply both to personal and business blogs.

These include: finding your own unique voice and not copying someone else, and determine what appeals to you and would you read it. Her idea of writing as you actually speak was an important eye opener for me.

Dena had saved the best for last. She suggested we take the time to define and find our ideal reader by detailing them by gender, age, income, car, movies, what they expect, and then use our personality to write for them.

After she finished speaking she answered our questions gracefully, and mentioned she does a creative writing class, should we be interested. She concluded sharing she would be available after the meeting to meet us.

As soon as I could I headed to ask Dena if I could share this story and the great tips she had given us.  I then got my courage back and asked if she would consider doing her creative writing class at my training center.

Dena Harris did not hesitate or stumble over her words and looked at me and smiled, and said: “Sure share anything you want, I would be honored and contact me at my website to set up some workshops.”

What started out as a very bad business situation, ended as a “WOW” memory in my life. My thanks to Dena as I can’t wait to see and hear more of her.

Have a great week making sure you always do your homework before you attend an event!


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