I have been wanting to share a weekly blog post celebrating Thankful Thursday ever since I saw Mitch Carnell, Adjunct Professor at Webster University, post a reference to it on LinkedIn.  I realized he was on to something.

Every year on the 4th Thursday in November we officially celebrate as a nation an annual day of Thanksgiving;  but why do we only think about it at that time?

Recently, well known TV anchor, Deborah Norville, wrote a book called “Thank You Power.” In it she cited major studies that conclude people who are thankful and grateful:

                   ♦       feel better about their lives

                                                              ♦       are more energetic

                                                              ♦       are more enthusiastic

                                                              ♦       are more determined

                                                              ♦       are more interested

                                                              ♦       are more joyful

                                                              ♦       feel stronger about handling challenges

Sounds like some good reasons to think about how the power of being thankful and grateful can impact both our professional and personal lives.

In getting ready for a new year where does being thankful and grateful fit into our new business plan?

What if instead of focusing on how much profit we intend to make, we focus on being thankful and grateful for being able to have income and a life instead? I know it will take a little time to get used to that concept, but would we view our products, services, employees, customers,  and those we meet every day in a different light? 

In “Thank You Power” these additional benefits were found in those who had a grateful mind-set:

                                                              ♥      clearer thinking–more creativity and openness to ideas

                                                              ♥      better resilience during tough times

                                                              ♥      higher immune response

                                                              ♥      less likelihood of being plagued by stress

                                                              ♥      longer lives

                                                              ♥      closer family ties

                                                              ♥      greater religiousness

All this sounds great and wonderful, but how does one begin to be thankful and grateful in a business world that doesn’t look as bright as we would like?

Deborah shares that “Thank You Power” costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time. It requires two things of you: consistency and an open mind. It is a discipline, such as in physical exercise, and doesn’t come easily to most people.”

Wait a minute, is this something we really need to focus on in our business world? There is so much to be done, is this just another added thing on our “to do” list, that usually we never get around to?

What if this could be the key to turning our world and economy around? Would we want to miss it? Isn’t it worth beginning and seeing where it leads? I am convinced it is worth it, and so now comes the how!

We want to make this meaningful don’t we? It is suggested to begin we only need to focus once a week on counting 3 blessings we have experienced and jot them down. Then take a minute to reflect on those who had a part in those blessings we received, and be thankful for them.  You might even want to let them know, such as in a hand written note to a customer or friend who helped you in having a thankful heart in your business.

Think it is worth the effort to begin this week? Let it become a “want to” and not a “have to,” and see how it will make a difference in your work week!

Can’t wait to see what next week will bring in our journey together of celebrating every Thursday how thankful and grateful we are in our professional and personal lives. Who knows,  it might spill over into every day being more thankful and grateful than we have ever been, and helping others do the same!    

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