We are all settled in for the night here in Greensboro, North Carolina with the first snow falling and Direct-TV out in the area! Ready to make snow cream and enjoy old Murder She Wrote DVD’s!

Something different is happening in this winter weather storm, we are hearing lots of thunder and if you put the lights on you can see the lightening.  It is a real weird feeling, and the weather men say it is rare.

Many of us are on Social Media and chatting about many inches of snow we are getting, and the area schools are already announcing closings for tomorrow! So this is an interruption to our normal routine!

Some say their power is out, and ours is flickering at times! But it has been a great day! I love what I do, and even with interruptions I am grateful we can still have a productive day tomorrow!  What does your snow day look like in your business tomorrow?

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