Hope you had a great Christmas with family and friends and ready to have a tremendous 2013 in your professional and personal life.

It’s time to turn our wishes and dreams into goals, so where does being thankful come into those plans?

There is always something to be thankful for, no matter how your year ended.  Along with the profit and stats isn’t it time to be grateful for those you had the honor of earning their business, and also for those who helped you meet your commitments to them?

Once you take that step to be thankful for where you are currently at, it is easier to see how you need to include that mindset into your business plan for the New Year.

However, do you realize that most small businesses and entrepreneurs once they get past the start-up rarely create a yearly business plan?  Could that be why so many fail before the second anniversary of their company?

Today our challenge is to change that outlook by creating a business plan for 2013 that will also include being thankful. 

This doesn’t have to be hard or take too much time. Mary Jacobs, a Dallas Free-lance writer shares 5 easy tips for you to include in your business plan at http://blog.intuit.com/trends/5-small-business-tips-for-taking-on-2013/.

Once your plan is formulated you need to include the thankful mindset so that you can have a successful and exciting year, for your customers, employees, and yourself. One major way is in how you handle the follow-ups in your business. This is the key factor in having business, and keeping it!

One way to keep thankfulness in your business is making a choice to send customers, employees, and associates a hand written thank you card when they least expect it! It is much more personal than an e-mail or a text.

Think being thankful and grateful can catch on and become contagious and a way to last as a small business? I believe it can, and would you join me in making those 2013 plans which include learning how to be thankful and grateful every day?  Are you grateful for the opportunity to be a small business owner in the United States of America? I am!

“Simply” Sue Falcone is the owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks! where she represents and promotes Speakers, Trainers, Life Coaches, and Authors for your next event. Booking now for 2013-2014.  “We bring the “WOW” factor to your next event.” “Be heard and seen in 2013.”


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