relaunchpictureHonored today to be featured on Award-winning Podcast show-RELAUNCH with host Joel Boggess and wife Dr.Pei. I shared my journey and the greatest “ReLaunch” moment in my life that guided my professional path into becoming a “we” rather than stay a “me!”

I am blessed to have achieved many dreams and goals in spite of my background and the many obstacles I faced. We all have stories to share, but mine has brought me to a unique and interesting place to be.

I thought after my corporate career ended that I would be speaking and writing for the rest of my days! I love it, and I was able to have a great following, but I realized there were many talented speakers, presenter, entertainers, trainers, coaches, and authors, that needed help in marketing to the places they couldn’t seem to reach, and negotiate for them the fees they needed. Some had a busy schedule and needed someone to handle the details of booking that would allow them to keep doing what they love the best-being in front of the audience speaking!

I realized it was no longer going to be about “me” as the speaker and author; but I was going to create a company that would represent hand-selected talent and help them “be heard and seen!”  Little did I realize it would grow and expand and reach out globally!

I am content to stay off the stage, and help others get to their stage!  Today I got back on the stage, only to share that it’s not about me at all! It is the “we” of speakers, event planners and clients, that I can connect perfectly together for an awesome unforgettable and memorable experience that I want to leave as my legacy!  I invite you to visit our website here and explore the awesome talent that is awaiting to become part of your upcoming event. Be looking for new speakers being added and a new website design soon that will showcase them even more!  To book your next event with our speakers contact me at

Hope you will listen to my podcast at , and put RELAUNCH on your Play List! Thanks again to Joel and Dr. Pei for having me, and I look forward to meeting them in person one day.

Sue Falcone
Sue Falcone



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