The pandemic made us pause and reflect. We had a moment to re-evaluate the importance of things and people. Relationships were refined and some were removed. Work and life were re-balanced and priorities were re-established.

The way we make each other FEEL is the most important thing. How we treat one another. Leaders don’t need to make people cry. Parents don’t need to yell. Co-workers don’t need to get frustrated.

Cool, calm, and collective. Help someone out. Be empathetic. Give of your time, talents, and treasures (thank you Bob Westfall).


Decency is defined as “actions that are moral, modest, or socially acceptable: or what basics are required for a good standard of living.” There is no expectation for anything in return.

I had an appointment to open up a new bank account and the young lady that helped me was amazing! She greeted me by name, held the door open, waited until I sat down, used my name, showed appreciation, connected with me, was efficient, thanked me for waiting, explained things in enough detail, made it easy, showed appreciation for my business, etc, etc, etc. 

I wanted to “do decency” in return, so I wrote a handwritten note to her supervisor who was not in, and expressed my appreciation for her and for a job well done! It took me no more than 1 minute in my poor handwriting to complete the note, but the impact it had on her when I quoted the note to her by saying that she was a “superstar” was priceless.

How can you influence “how you make someone feel” at work or at home? Can you ask how someone is doing, listen for the response, and act upon making them better? Share stories about “doing decency” with others so they understand the benefits received by all parties by “doing”.