According to Kenexa’s 2012 report, an IBM Company, “There has been a marked increase in workplace stress in every country, industry and job type, to the extent that it is now higher than at any time in the last four years,” said Dr. Rena Rasch, research manager at the Kenexa High Performance Institute.

“High stress levels increase absenteeism and decrease productivity. For individuals, stress causes sleep deprivation, headaches, high blood pressure and greater susceptibility to illness, which lowers well-being and increases the chance of burn out.”

A free report on the study – called Stress: What’s the Impact for Organizations? – outlines the prevalence of stress, its physical and psychological consequences, who is at risk and what leaders and HR practitioners can do to reduce stress levels.

8 Ways To De-Stress At Work

Some stress is good, it keeps us on our toes. It’s a changin’ world y’all, and along with the change, comes more  stress. I’ve learned that you gotta take time to de-stress durin’ the day. Here are some things you can do to help relieve stress at work:

  1. Clench your fists as tight as possible – then release. Do this about 5 times for each hand.
  2. Raise your eyebrows upward and then release.
  3. Make blowin’ noises with your mouth. Say, “pa”, “pa”, “pa”, “pa” several times loosely to relax your mouth and jaws.
  4. Move your shoulders up to your ears and hold for 3 counts and release. Do this about 5 times.
  5. Take several deep breaths and exhale slowly.
  6. Move your head from side to side slowly. Then backwards and forwards.
  7. Sittin in a chair, arms straight down by your side, lean to the right then to the left.
  8. If you can, take a walk durin’ lunch. Don’t eat lunch at your desk.

Nothin’ can totally get rid of stress, but you can relieve some of  it!

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