Do you “think” you lack courage? Guess again!”

One of the things that both piss me off and fire me up is all the myths we’re spoon-fed in society about what courage is and isn’t.

These are the big ones:

Courage is about being fearless.

You must go for something big for it to be considered courageous.

Unless you’re experiencing terror when doing something you’re not playing big enough.

Courage only looks one kind of way. And your way isn’t good, big, risky, (fill in the blanks) enough!

The list goes on about what does and doesn’t get into the “Courage Club.”

It infuriates me because it stops us from believing that we’ve already been courageous in our life, is courageous in our day-to-day lives, and have everything we need to move forward? Do we shy away from taking certain risks that we wish we could? Of course! But courage is a continuum, not a destination. It’s fluid and ongoing and changes depending upon who we are, our innateness and our environment, and where we are in our lives.

If there are things you’d like to do, say, think, and you’re not doing it, and don’t feel courageous enough, OR if you’d like to step into a whole other level of courage, check out this episode of Unpacking The Human Condition: Courage Myths and Magic below: