Did you know? According to Hannah Holmes, author of The Secret Life of Dust, “Between 1 and 3 billion tons of desert dust fly up into the sky annually. One billion tons would fill 4 million boxcars in a train that would wrap six times around the Earth’s equator.” 

No one has to buy dust, for most of us we have more than we want! I tend to ignore it, especially in my office work space until I can no longer pretend it is not there! Then I get busy and bring the freshness back into my wonderful office. 

Are we doing the same thing in our businesses? Are we ignoring the main things, and letting things get stale and collect dust?  Is it time for you to re-group and do some cleaning, brainstorming  for fresh new ideas, markets, and goals?

Over the week-end I realized I had gotten so busy that I had let my organization and the day-to-day operation of my business get behind.  Isn’t it hard to shut down what you are focused on, and do what is needed to be able to handle all the loose ends; like follow-ups, lead generation, and the dust?  Do you need to get someone to help you? Very often that is the one thing we are not willing to admit that we may need help “dusting.”

Does this sound familiar: “We need time off from work, so that we can catch up with our work.”  If this is how you are feeling today is a good time to regroup and get the “duster” out.

Places to begin are: shut the door and do not let interruptions stop you, clean that desk and set up a system so you will not let it pile up again, clean up your emails and declare you will handle them once daily, tame your to do list and set realistic goals- you can’t do it all!  Return those phone calls, and set up daily plans to handle the most important things first!

By taking the time to “dust” you will have a “fresh faith and vision” so you can get back on top of your work and love what you do, once again.  

Have a great time “dusting!” 



“Simply” Sue

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