giraffeGiraffes have always been one of my favorite animals in the world! They are the tallest animal reaching heights of over 19 feet, and no two are ever marked the same! It’s amazing how a baby giraffe is born and survives!

After carrying the baby for 15 months the Mama Giraffe gives birth standing up and the baby drops 5 feet to the ground! What an impact and wake up call that would be!

Then if that wasn’t enough, the baby who weighs in at 150 pounds and stands 6 feet tall, must immediately get up on its legs to survive!  If it has trouble the Mama Giraffe must kick the baby to make it stand up and live!

She knows without taking this drastic step her baby will not be able to protect itself from the harm of other animals! Then she closely watches her baby and if need be keeps giving those swift kicks until it is safely running with the others! 

Looking at the giraffe’s lifestyle, do we sometimes need a “Mama Giraffe” in our lives too? Someone that would say what we needed to hear, and swiftly and gently give us a kick to help jump start our lives and our businesses!

Then be there to keep us accountable so we can keep on track and fulfill our purpose.  Do you have a “Mama Giraffe” in your life?  Is it time to find one? There are many who would love to help you! 

On this Happy Thankful Thursday, I am thankful and grateful for the having a “Mama Giraffe” in my life, and now can be one to others! Passing it on is how we can thrive and survive! 

“Simply” Sue

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