Do you know your ideal client? Do you have a mental picture of what they look like based on intentionally identifying them? Have you written it down and is your target marketing focused on finding them?

Whether you are an Event Planner looking for the perfect professional speaker,  a speaker looking for your next gig, or a speakers bureau looking for those clients to book your speakers; none of us has time to waste on those who are not the right fit for our services and products.

The key is to define the ones we need to focus on, and and be prepared to find them!

Here are some questions we suggest you need to answer to find the “ideal client” you are looking for:
1.        Do you know who you are and what you do- in 20 seconds or less?
2.       Have you done your homework on your competitors?
3.       Do you know who needs your products and services?
4.       Are your fees set so you can quote them without blinking an eye?
5.      Do you know where your “ideals” hang out online?
6.      How do you plan to be heard and seen so you can attract them?

Once you have answered these questions, let’s get specific. Identify your price points and your clients pain points, and become the solution. The next set of questions will get you thinking of who you have in your contact list already that meets your qualifications:
•       Are they male or female?
•      What age group are they in?
•      How do they like to be contacted?
•      Are they local, regional, state wide, national, or international?
•     How do you get introduced if you do not personally know them?

Once you have them clearly in mind you are ready to begin to find them! Here are some great starts that you may have overlooked!

Have you shared with your colleagues, friends, family who you are looking for, so they can give you referrels?  Do you have testimonials from the ideal clients you have worked with before that you can use as a reference? Are you networking and connecting with those you have identified, remembering  your ideal clients are not EVERYONE!

Another idea is to check with the business center of  your local library and give them what your “ideal client” looks like, and they can provide all sorts of contact and data information for you at no charge!

Now you are ready to go on the journey of a lifetime!  Your “ideal clients” are just waiting to connect and work with you!

As Founder/CEO of Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau, Sue Falcone is dedicated to delivering outstanding professional speakers to create a memorable event and experience for her clients and their audiences. Sue and her team will find the perfect speaker for your event, from conferences and corporate meetings to trainings, banquets, dinners, and more…Contact her at 888766-3155 today.

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