what is your whyRecently my Aunt Eletha asked me this question: “Susie, how did you know you could do what you have accomplished and are still wanting to do it, even though at your age, most have already quit? When you were growing up we didn’t see that in you!”  

Have you ever been approached with this question?  

Before answering I thought back to the many summers I spent with my aunt and her family.  They had been such a good influence in my dysfunctional lifestyle; and she didn’t even know it!  Thought I had let her know throughout the years; but realized we had never discussed the real issue of knowing the “why” of our lives, and how knowing that makes a difference in how we learn and live. 

My answer to my Aunt’s question is not rocket science. I shared with her: how fortunate I was to have been mentored, inspired, and given opportunities beyond what I could have ever imagined! I admitted I made bad choices, and did not always follow my dream and plans; but the truth is I BELIEVED  at an early age I was created by God with gifts and talents for a reason and purpose and nothing was beyond His reach for me.  

Do you know your “why” and what you need to be doing to fulfill your plan and purpose? Today I see so many dissatisfied employees and employers that are simply wandering through life: living from paycheck to paycheck, thinking how terrible Mondays are, and just waiting for the week-end to come!  As they age they have regrets and travel to forget what could have been!  When anything comes up to disturb this process people live in fear and panic!

I also shared with my aunt, we all have a part to play in fulfilling the “why” of our lives! We have to: want to know our “WHY.” develop and put in writing a specific plan and goals to meet it, and be open to change so that the passion and drive of our days live on!  Another key element is to always have a positive mindset and attitude that shows from deep within to others! Life is not just about us, it’s about us and others!  Life truly is good, and we have to know our “why” to believe that! 

My question to you is:  do you know your “Why” and are you living it, both in your professional and personal life, or are you wandering?  “Simply” Sue Speaks! is all about helping you, love to hear your comments.  

Happy Terrific Tuesday!

“Simply” Sue







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