Developing a positive, winning attitude requires daily effort. It requires that every day you choose to take responsibility to put positive input into your mind. Negatives attract failure. Positives attract success. Choose to learn and find ways and opportunities that will allow you to strengthen the attitudes that will lead you to success. You do not want to be a victim!

For instance, here’s a little story I heard recently:Employer:  We want a responsible man for this job.

Applicant:  Well, I guess I’m your man. In all the other jobs I have worked, whenever anything went wrong, they told me I was responsible. 

Well, I’m sure you do not want to identify with this person! You want to choose to be a change-agent, a doer, a hero for yourself and others.

This choice will help motivate you and increase your chances for staying focused and on track. Chances are you will be more energized and get things done in a more purposeful, positive manner.

Purpose, intention, and motivation help you feel more in control of yourself. They allow you to be more deliberate in your decisions.  They allow you to also focus on the value of quality. Do not settle for anything but your best, nothing less. Aim at excelling at what you choose to do. 

In all activities, especially those related to your visions and dreams, put your best foot forward. Excellence opens the door to even more possibilities. As you strive to do your best at honing your skills and mastering new skills, you will find that it is much easier to reach your goals because you have created an expectation of achievement.

What should you allow in your life? How can it make your life a little bit different and better? Can it add value to your life? The bonus to this…it will have a ripple effect on others around you!

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