Content is the new “buzz” word of the world. Whether you are blogging, updating your website, making a presentation, networking, marketing, attending meetings, going to church, watching TV, exercising, spending time with the family, or just setting your goals for the day….content is driving us!

Our clients, customers, friends, and family are telling us they want: less from us, ability to do more than one thing at a time  (such as listen and tweet), be engaged with us without feeling we are always selling them something, and make life relevant and valuable to them.

In this fast paced “microwave” lifestyle living how do we begin to change and meet the needs of those we depend on, love, and care about?  Ever wonder what others are thinking?  That is the beginning of change-wondering enough to think about others and seeking to listen to what they have to say! Yes, we all have certain categories of expertise, but is that what others really want to hear?  John Maxwell cleared that up when he said:  “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Today with technology advancing at such a rapid pace, and with so much vying for our time, resources, and effort; isn’t it time to look at  our content?   Do you speak more than you listen? Do you ask questions and wait for answers?  Do you present with less words, and more interaction?  Do you want to develop relationships or just sell?

These are the things that are hard to face.  However, for us to be “heard and seen in 2013” and beyond: our content is most important, and should be driving us to become the best we can be; and the results will be an abundant and contented life!

Have a wonderful week! 

“Simply” Sue