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Don’t Leave Your BIG Goals to Chance! Reliably Achieve BIG Goals Faster

Don’t Leave Your BIG Goals to Chance! Reliably Achieve BIG Goals Faster

By Carl Loop

Do you hear people state a BIG goal that makes you inwardly (or outwardly) just shake your head in disbelief? As in, you have about as much chance of accomplishing that as a New Years resolution (which has about 8% chance of being accomplished on average).
And yet, people do accomplish goals, they even accomplish BIG goals that they (and often everyone else) once thought were impossible!
• 7 and 8 Figure Business Growth at Record Speed
• Owning 200 Investment Property Homes
• 1st Female NFL Coach and Hall of Fame
• Feeding 10’s of Thousands of People
• Winning the Nobel Prize
• Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with No Arms and No Legs (Kyle Maynard)

Leaving your BIG Goals to Chance risks having them downsized or discarded! Reliably Achieve BIG Goals Faster from these 5 Steps!
5 Steps to Reliably Achieve BIG Goals Faster!

The Power of Vision.

“Without Vision the Past Predicts the Future.”
The future is predictable without a Vision. A Vision uses your Belief System to creates new access to something greater. A Vision is your “come from” place and communicates your BOLD Stand. It’s the secret weapon that pulls you through tough times and boosts you to a higher place.
Having only a resource and task focus develops survival/safety concerns which bring survival results and create interactions of force, competition, self-interest and disconnection. Vision focus develops aliveness, power, collaboration, community and connection, all of which reliably drive you higher.

Don’t Go it Alone.

Individually, we are self-limiting, less accountable and less reliable. One of my BIG successful clients says: “we have that little voice in our head that doesn’t want us to be anything.”  When we are aware of others knowing and supporting what we are up to, or being aware that others expect our greatness, it pulls us higher and more reliably forward. The best version of ourselves comes when we contribute to others and others contribute to us.

Performance on Purpose.

“If you’re just performing to lifeless goals, you’ll be lifeless about achieving them.”
The greatest version of you, the version that has and can achieve the impossible, comes from connecting to a purpose (rooted in your Vision) that moves you. Performance on Purpose comes from seeing your life as a movie where you are the hero having victory over undesirable forces, and where you are helping to free others from those undesirable forces.
A goal driven by purpose has a much higher reliability to be achieved.
Also, we must continuously renew ourselves with our purpose so we can maintain performance at our extraordinary personal best.


“Businesses that Plan Together Pull Together.”
Create a unified Roadmap of Prioritized Goals, Plan, Action. Clarity catapults results.
It’s only a lofty dream until you know the steps for achieving it.
Often, in the patterns and chaos of daily doing, we miss the BIG pieces unless we have the Vision, Goals, Plan, Action roadmap.

Set “Control Points” So You Maintain Progress.

Communicate frequently at specific, committed times. Committed communication greatly increases Reliably Achieving BIG Goals Faster.
Develop and Commit to an Escalation process when things go off track. Have a “By When” date on when you will complete something.
Define and Accept an accountability process and have discipline to hold yourself -and accept having others- hold you to it.

Don’t leave your BIG Goals to chance.  Schedule a 15 minutes conversation today!

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Are You a Workaholic?

Whether you work at home, go to an office, or volunteer you can become one! What is the difference of a “hard worker” and being a “workaholic?”

A true definition of a workaholic according to Merriam-Webster is: “one who values work over any other activity.” However, a “hard worker” is defined as: “one who completes the work they are called to do in a diligent and industrious manner, and sets the priorities of faith, family,  friends, and fun into living the abundant life.

Can you see the difference? Why do people in their workplaces, homes, churches, and great organizations, end up choosing the lifestyle of a workaholic?

There are several valid reasons, with the leading one being we are rewarded for it!  Whether feeding our lives financially, giving us greater self-worth, being an escape from building relationships and problems, or giving us energy for life, it adds up to us being out of balance and in the long term it can shorten our lives.

Workaholics are not bad people, they are ones who have let their habits and choices override the true essence of what life really can and should be!

Are they easy to recognize?  Normally, they are the ones that: are constantly checking on work- even when they are with family and friends, are anxious about being away from their work, never say “no” to additional work, put work ahead of everything, not always the most organized, rarely take vacations and days off- or if they do work goes with them, feel their self-worth is what they do, life is all about them, think “multitasking” is the only way to achieve, live on the edge of perfectionism, are controllers, eat poorly, don’t exercise, take poor care of their spiritual and emotional well being, and become defensive or angry when criticized for being a workaholic!

Why do I know so much about workaholics? Because I am one who is doing whatever it takes to recover from a lifetime of letting my self-worth be defined by what I do and do well, rather than on who I am!  I didn’t fall into the total trap of being the normal workaholic, but had I not realized where I was headed, I could certainly have ended up that way!

Do you know people like us? Are you one?  It is said in our country, more and more are being added every day.  This is becoming the “new normal!” What are the consequences of living this kind of life?

The insurance industry has released these facts that workaholics: are a greater health risk,  marriages suffer in a higher divorce rate, average work week is 64 plus hours, have a higher rate of heart disease, take very few lunch breaks, perceive time differently than most of us, can’t relax on vacation without getting sick, and are more likely to suffer a job-related injury or illness.

Doesn’t sound like joyous news for us, does it? Why did I chose to research and share this topic on one of our favorite holidays called Labor Day?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, we have been celebrating this holiday as a nation since 1894 and it is “a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

We need to celebrate that hard work is a good thing for us, however I do have some good news on how to recover and prevent us from becoming “workaholics” to keep our nation and our lives strong and healthy.

Consider these steps and see how they can help you, and also how you can help others who are trapped in this lifestyle.  Encourage them to see there is a greater purpose, plan, and life awaiting them!

1.       Define your worth through God, not self or career.

2.       Change your values so work is not the most important thing in your life.

3.       Face and overcome fear of failure or insecurities in your life.

4.       Limit the number of hours and attention you give to your career.

5.       Learn to say “no” even to good things.

6.       Put your family and friends in a high priority place.

7.       Focus on your health and get on a good eating and exercising plan.

8.       Take up a hobby that lets you accomplish something other than your work.

9.       Plan your work so that you are working smarter not harder.

10.     Allow yourself 8 hours of sleep.

There is more that could be said about this “disease” that is out of control, and hard to cure. I only sought to show you the “need” and the “benefits” of change, so that you might want to join me on this journey.  The choice is yours!

Have a great week!

“Simply” Sue