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Nonprofit Caregivers Need Help, Too


Every day dedicated nonprofit professionals are working to help those who have suffered misfortune, aiding victims in need of care, and finding solutions to someone else’s problems.

Nonprofit professionals deal with situations that can range from the simple to the complex and, often to the tragic.

The daily pressure and stress can be mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging. Even the most compassionate and consummate professional can feel the cumulative impact of such a demanding career.

Unfortunately, the intensity of this already stressful workplace environment is growing. While budgets are being cut and calls for help are escalating, staffs are being pushed to do more with less.

So who props up those who prop up others? The answer could be You.

As a high school basketball player, I was barely good enough to make the team, and my prospects for actually getting into a game were close to nonexistent.

In spite of my bench warming role, my three younger sisters showed up at games to loudly cheer for their brother. Their pleas to “put Hardy in” didn’t persuade the coach but did totally embarrass me.

Through the years, my sisters have continued their encouragement. They recognize a need and offer support. My once youthful embarrassment has grown into appreciation and the realization of how fortunate I am to have such great cheerleaders in my life!

You too can have a positive influence on those you work with by being a cheerleader who provides co-workers with a much needed boost.

Help create a supportive environment that will assist in re-charging those whose batteries are running low. Offer words of encouragement to those dealing with a particularly difficult situation. Recognize when someone may be struggling, and help find a way to temporarily lighten his or her load. An act of kindness will go a long way toward deflecting frustration, fatigue, and even burnout.

Acknowledge those who are making a difference. The feeling of being appreciated is a powerful motivator.

Champion the effort to get everyone working together as a team. Celebrate the individual and collective successes your organization is having so each person can share in the glow of accomplishment.

People who work to meet the needs of others are indeed special. But even those who help others need help and deserve recognition and encouragement themselves.

A sister can be a great cheerleader. And you can too!

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How to Make Your Own Fire Work! by Guest Blogger-Kathy Brunner

It’s never too late to get started making your fire work. Sometimes it just takes some motivation and commitment to develop a plan or series of steps you need to navigate to get that fire going. Other times what you really need is to slow down, absorb life around you, take a break, reconnect and give your fire space to flourish.

People with passion often have difficulty if they are not constantly “on” regarding their product or services. But I know how vital a break can be. Just a small change in the routine, a small time without social media availability, a little diversion and escape can clear the cobwebs, infuse new ideas and get those creative juices flowing with incredible clarity.

Sometimes what makes your fire work is to not work,  allowing time for passions to simmer gently rather than constantly be roaring. a real break. I find answers for removing obstacles which I could have never discovered when I was in the midst of them daily and by the time I return to “real” life and routine, I am excited to blow new dreams into that blaze and get it spreading.

If you feel like you have been fanning flames to the point of exhaustion, perhaps its time for you to let yourself refresh, reconnect and return to the part of life called ‘ordinary’ where cell phones are replaced by face to face connection and Twitter feeds and Facebook posts are put on hold for lazy days drenched in the inspiration of watching a hermit crab instead of a brilliant speaker.

Do you need to take a break and put your passion into simmer so you can fire it up?

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