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As much as we want big numbers and big results in an instant, success is really the culmination of many tiny moments where we did the right thing.Sometimes we get so focused on the big picture and the end result, that we step right over the tiny moments we are given to build relationships, deliver on our promises, and earn the trust of our “audience.” My friend and fellow keynote speaker, Ty Bennett, sums it up quite nicely in his latest video.

Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson – called one of North Carolina’s funniest women by Our State Magazine. Kelly lifts the spirits of audiences from coast-to-coast using humor, storytelling, and lives of the characters from Prides Hollow – Kelly’s make believe small town. This unique approach to motivational speaking allows Kelly to break through communications barriers and connect directly to the audience’s imagination.
Her powerful stories and wacky wit will make you laugh, remind you that you matter, show you how to see beyond your obstacles, and teach you how to stand up and stick out in a crowded market.
To book motivational speaker Kelly Swanson: just click the contact button here on this site and love to make that happen for you!

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