What are the 10 biggest mistakes that business development, sales, and marketing professionals tend to make when seeking to build business relationships and win over others? You may be surprised to find out! Below, we take a closer look at the most common gaffes that industry professionals make when pursuing online and real-world networking and deals.

  1. Ghost others and don’t return emails or calls in a timely manner
  2. Don’t keep your word or follow through on promises or statements made
  3. Randomly bail out of negotiations or collaborations without warning or explanation
  4. Only reach out or communicate when it’s clear that you want something
  5. Say “you’ll keep someone in mind” but never present an opportunity
  6. Fail to make introductions or present promised networking chances
  7. Hesitate or decline to support others when they reach out for assistance
  8. Neglect to do the homework and research needed to understand other parties
  9. Underprice or undervalue the worth that others bring to the table
  10. Ask for something without offering something of equal or more value in return