“Be heard and seen in 2013” is the cry of all businesses in the U.S   However, the hard part is how do we meet that challenge?

It’s not easy to blend the Christmas season and keep the focus in place for our business life is it? We have 27 days to put into place plans and goals to meet an upcoming great year.

In looking at where to begin, I appreciate this quote from Mary Cantando, of The Woman’s Advantage,  “Next year, say “No” to 1,000 things and “Yes” only to important ones.”

I have already started my list, is it time to begin yours?

Once you  know what to focus on, (whether you own your business or are employed by someone else),  are the “Power Tools” in place to achieve the dream and goals of the business?

Here are the Top Ten key items that might need a “tune-up”

                                •              attitude– are you excited and enthusiastic about 2013?

                                •              business plan– is it current and achievable?

                                •              training- do you need updated skills?

                                •              finances– are they in order, and have processes in place to track them?

                                •              day to day processes- do they flow and can handle change easily?

                                •              marketing materials-are they updated and fresh looking?

                                •              customer service– do you give “WOW” service and is it easily seen?

                                •              website– is it fresh looking and updated?

                                •              social media– is it consistent, engaging, and content driven?

                                •              networking– what is the true purpose, and is it working?

 Have fun these last weeks of 2012: praying, playing, planning, and preparing to “Be Heard and Seen in 2013.”

 “Simply” Sue

 Owner- “Simply” Sue Speaks

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