It is easy to be thankful and grateful and celebrate Happy Thankful Thursday when everything is going as planned, and great things are happening.

But what about the times you fail and bad things come?  Is your first thought to be grateful and see what good can come out of the situation?

I doubt it, because we have not been trained very well on how to face failure, have we? Much is written about success and rewards, but how did we get to those in the first place?

I have failed many times, and even though it is not my favorite place to be,  I am learning there is always a reason, even though I may never know it, and I can go on. Why?  Because I realize by making it though I will be able to help others know they can too!

Recently I read a dramatic story in our local newspaper that prompted me to think we need to spend some time learning how to be thankful even in the worst of circumstances and failures.

Jeri Rowe, our local experienced journalist and storyteller for the Greensboro News and Record, shared a lengthy story about Trish Jarrett. This is Sues’ short version!

In the summer of 1977 Trish was 15 and on top of the world. Who would have thought a family vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC would change her destiny forever. While walking early on the beach collecting shells Trish encountered a stranger. She walked and thought she had lost him, but he appeared right in front of her with a gun. She screamed. started running, and heard 4 shots before she passed out.

Trish woke up two weeks later in a hospital and found out the man was in jail, but her life would never be the same. She was left paralyzed on her right side, unable to walk, partially deaf, legally blind, and her mouth and nose are crooked.

That was 36 years ago. Trish has learned how to turn a bad situation, not of her own doing, into a life of never saying “can’t.”  She works as a receptionist at the Industries for the Blind, where her title is: Director of First Impressions.  She is married to a former Marine whom she met at a church retreat at: guess where? Myrtle Beach!  She travels by city bus or car to work, and enjoys seeing our state.

Trish doesn’t like to be pitied, but trusting people is a hard thing for her. Her attacker is now out of prison, but Trish refuses to live as his prisoner. She refuses to let him win.

This story showed me clearly the 3 keys to be able to face our failures, and the tragic things that happen in our lives, and win! 

#1.     Face them head on, and make a choice to not let them paralyze us.

#2.     Learn to go on knowing by doing so you can help others do the same.

#3.     Live thankfully choosing peace; not bitterness, doubt, or fear.

What are you facing today?  Is it a lost job, or clients that said no, or maybe a physical disease you would rather not have to face. Perhaps it’s a death or divorce, or just plain lack of motivation to want to even keep going.

No matter what it is, just as Trish shows us- there is a way to go on!  Is it time to write down what you are thankful and grateful for as part of your business plan for 2013?  Do you need to give up some things to face your failures and circumstances?

Whatever it is, I know life is good, and living a thankful life in spite of our failures and bad things, is key to any successes we may have.

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