Are you just busy today or are you really working?  Recently a colleague, Rich Schlentz,  released his first book entitled: “Your Employees Have Quit, They Just Haven’t Left.”  (get your copy now at

Quite a catchy title, but have you thought how serious this really is?

Rich has done extensive research and found that a “disengagement crisis is sweeping corporate America and beyond; and it is costing our companies billions of dollars each year.”

And now, I have found it has hit my industry too!  I constantly hear that speakers and trainers, “cost too much, deliver too little, and are not connecting and engaging their audiences.”  Of course, this is not anyone I personally know or represent, but it is happening and we need to recognize and address it!  It sure makes it difficult for one that represents many to assure our clients that we are not part of this crisis!

Rich does a great job in his book to show us the solutions to handling this crisis; but the most important thing we need to recognize first is: am I an individual part of this crisis, and am I willing to change to stop it?

Have a great working week!

“Simply” Sue



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