As I looked at my calendar today I see this is the dentist check-up week! Am I ready? Have I consistently in the last 6 months done all I was supposed to do? This sounds like a small piece of everyday life; but I have let it slide, and I am not prepared.

My teeth are particularly important to me. At birth I was not expected to live, and was given such strong medicine that it affected my teeth. With what I have spent on my mouth over my lifetime I could fund yours and my own retirement. Why then would I choose to not do what is needed to maintain that investment?

Just like many other things in our lives we get too busy and make excuses for not doing what we know is right. But the good news is we don’t have to stay there!

Kathy Brunner, one of our team members here at “Simply” Sue Speaks! recently shared these words: “Life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.”

Off to my dentist to endure some pain for my lack of focus, and to hear his kind voice say: “Sue, don’t you want to keep your teeth?  Don’t you want to look your best for your clients, team members, and audiences?” He is so direct and to the point!

What is it today you need to change? It is possible, will be good for you, no matter what it will take! That’s real living, not just keeping up!


“Simply” Sue, Owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks!