opportunitiesThis morning, (while on our two week “Road Trip”) I woke up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with a head full of creative ideas: so watch out world!  I ask you, “are you missing out?”

Very often as entrepreneurs (yes, I can finally spell it 🙂 ) and business owners, we miss out on opportunities to grow and build our brand and business!  Do you intentionally set a daily goal not to miss out on anything your day may bring to you?

Life is about people, and we have inside of us solutions that can help others have a bigger and better life.  But when we fail to let them know we miss out on the opportunities we were given. Here is one I am so glad I did not miss!

On our way here we stopped to eat at one of our favorite restaurants! It was a slow time of the day, and not many were there with us. Looking to my left I observed two ladies seated across from each other active in conversation, and they also had a small child with them. 

I love people watching, and imagining their stories, don’t you? Never would I have dreamed what I was about to learn! Our waitress came and seemed to know these two and we just somehow began a conversation! It was not about me and what I do, but I really was interested in hearing about them! I asked, listened and found out they had been best friends since childhood, and after their “life happenings” which included losing spouses, and now raising abandoned grandchildren; they had decided to purchase a large farm there in Arkansas, and give the best life they could to the four grandchildren.  

I heard the stories of how they had traveled to every state in the union except Hawaii, and that was only because they didn’t care to visit there!  Each of these ladies: Marilyn and Glenora, once had successful careers and prepared for a different type of “retirement!”  But they chose to invest in others and did not regret or whine about their choices at all! It was such a joy to see the little girl, called Adrienne, share how she loved to play with the animals on their farm; and get to visit such places as New Orleans the week before. 

A great time was had by all that day in a “down home” country restaurant; and as we were saying our good byes, I mentioned what I did, and would love to keep in touch with them! Their eyes lite up like a Christmas tree, and they took my card and promised when they could get their internet to work; (Hughes.net does not always work way out in the country, they explained!) they would definitely be in touch!  

Who knows what may become of that one conversation, but I know this: my life was enriched beyond measure and I am glad I chose not to miss the opportunity that was right there in front of me!

Off now to see what opportunities this day may bring, that I don’t want to miss! I ask you again: are you missing out? 

Happy Terrific Tuesday! 

“Simply” Sue