We have heard Randy Jackson of American Idol fame say to contestants who did a great job, “you are in it to win it” but what did that really mean and how did he know?  What could that possible mean to you and me as business owners?

I recently came across a book entitled “In It to WIN IT”- The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Top Strategies for WINNING in Business & Life. It features 25 of the leading experts from around the world.  I remember winning this book at a conference and being honored to meet Tracy Myers of Winston-Salem, NC, (www.TracyMyers.com) who is featured in this journey.  After reading the book, it is clear how important being “in it to win it” is to our businesses, and how to show it to our customers and employees! When you make this clear to yourself and to others, you really do get in the mindset of winning, thriving, and doing more than just surviving!

After reading and observing the practices outlined in this awesome book, I found being “in it to win it” means: having a confident and positive attitude, (no matter what is happening around you), knowing who you are and why you do what you do, and understanding how to build your business on providing solutions for the needs of your customers! Tracy Myers is a strong builder of satisfied customer relationships, and that is why he is successful, and was able to be showcased in this book with the world’s top leaders.  He believes “strong customer relationships are one of the most important elements in the success of your business.”  

In this second half of our calendar year: Are You “in it to win it?” What will you do to show that to yourself and to your customers?  

Have a Happy “Winning” year!
“Simply” Sue
owner- “Simply” Sue Speaks!