healthyAre You in Great Health?  Do you think it is possible?  I saw a wonderful story this morning on our local TV station, WFMY- Channel 2- about Carrie who is the producer of the show.  She is beginning a journey to become healthy once and for all. She went on the morning show, had her doctor with her, weighed in front of everyone, let them take her measurements and shared it all! She is doing this not only for herself but for others too! 

We are fast approaching the close of the first half of our year and what have you done to have great health?  Are you willing to begin today so that by the end of 2013 you feel, look, and make choices about your health differently than you do now?

I give you that challenge! I took it in 1997 and I weighed over 300 pounds; but did not have any major health problems as a result of being overweight since I was very young! Amazing, and that is one of the things I am so grateful and thankful for today!  But who knows had I not began at that time to make the needed changes, where I could be today!

Funny thing, tonight I will be doing a workshop on this very topic: Are You In Great Health? Why Not? Time to give back the blessings I have received! 

Have a Happy Thankful Thursday, and begin a new journey! What is it you need to do? Find out and DO IT! It will give you a better life, business, and improve your relationships too!

Cheering you on,
“Simply” Sue 

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