Have you been asked to meet for coffee thinking you were just going to network, when in fact the other person saw your success and wanted to pick your brain?  It’s like doing additional  “pro bono” work that you didn’t have the choice to schedule, isn’t it?

I am not saying that everything we do has to have a price tag; because we do take time to volunteer, help others and participate in business organizations. But, is it easy for you to say NO when you get a call or a text to meet for just a few minutes for coffee from a friend, or the friend of a friend?

Recently I have been hearing creative ways to get around these situations and increase your business by adding consulting to your total package!  Marie Forleo,  business and marketing strategist at http://www.marieforleo.com has a great You Tube clip that gets right to point on this topic! You can view it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXRjwRM5IUM

Marie shares 3 great “scripts” you can incorporate into your style to be able to “say NO to people who want to pick your brain.”  One thing I like about this “Jersey girl” is her honest and helpful approach as displayed by these quotes!   “You deserve to earn an honest living!”  “If they want to pick your brain, ask them to pick a time and a type of payment!” 

The key to the success of your entire business: “If you want people to value your time…you have to put a value on it!”  Marie Forleo. 

Have a Happy Thankful Thursday learning how to value YOU and your business, and saying no to those who just “want to pick your brain!”

“Simply” Sue