Are You Doing the Impossibles? Think You Can?

possible“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney

It’s easy to do what we see are the possibilities, but do you ever think about doing and living in the “I’m Possibles?” Think of those areas that you have put off-limits, the dreams and wishes that certainly can never be made into possibilities!

Today take the challenge and pull out the things that you have declared were impossible in your life, and turn just one into the reality of today! You won’t regret it, and you will find out, “it’s kind of fun!”

Happy New “YOU” Year!

“Simply” Sue

About Sue Falcone

Sue Falcone is the Founder and CEO of the newly re-branded Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau. The Stress-free Way to Find a Speaker! Compelling storytellers. Motivational masters. Best selling authors and award-winning entertainers — we have gathered together the speakers that’ll make your events Remarkable. Those We Serve Include: ● Fortune 500 Companies ● Professional Business Associations ● Major TV Networks ● Non-Profit Organizations ● Major Universities "Trusted by America’s Top Meeting and Event Planners" Dean Waye- Global Techical Sales Manager Contact us at 888-766-3155 and see how we earn the right to be the first phone call for the top event planners around the world!

2 thoughts on “Are You Doing the Impossibles? Think You Can?

  1. Sue, when I was challenged to choose only one word to live by this year, I thought it would be a word like harvest, fruitful, service. As I prayed, pondered, and poured over scripture the word that claimed me was possible.

    For years, I’ve been running away from writing a book because this reluctant writer thought it was impossible for her to do. However, what has been impossible for me is growing into a reality because I’m the scribe of the God of possibilities.

    May your readers be encouraged with your encouragement of empowering possibilities.

    Teach on.

    1. Hi Carolyn, great word for the year! Mine for our company is Positive. We all have those “impossibilities” but we know they don’t have to stay in that status! Can’t wait to read that book and I am ready to have an awesome year because all is Possible! Have a great week!

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