It’s Valentine’s Day and whether single or taken, it’s important to show some extra love and kindness to the most important person of all – YOU! Here are 9 Ways to love yourself today!

However, all too often we forget the importance of self-compassion, self-care, and the major benefits they bring to our mental and physical health, especially during these uncertain times.

The good news is that self-love is treating yourself in the same way you treat someone you love unconditionally. According to the Society of American Florists, 20 percent of flowers purchased by women on Valentine’s Day are actually going to none other than themselves.

Hence, there is no better time of the year to express the warmth, gratitude, and value of love for yourself than on Valentine’s Day.

Here are 9 simple ways to show some love for yourself on Valentine’s Day:

Start the day, your way.

It’s important to start the holiday with something that makes you feel good and smile. Maybe bake your favorite treat or cook up a creative breakfast that has heart-shaped designs, which makes eating what you invented lots of fun.

Participate in social activities.

Do something that you enjoy. Go to the spa, exercise, meet a friend for lunch, or talk to your family. Do anything that keeps you moving and connected with others. Investing this time for you is good for others too. By being proactive, they will see you as fun, and energetic.

Stay off social media.

I know, I know. It’s tough to stay off social media, especially when there will be love pouring all over the internet. But, for this one day, experience feeling your inner love by creating a private memory just for you. Watching what others are doing only builds anxiety, even jealousy.

Say NO.

To be productive, don’t get caught up on what others want to do or what they may ask of you to do. Overcommitting is dangerous and can lead you to spiral out of control. In order to be your best, practice saying no especially when things do not align with your goals.

Count the things you are grateful for.

Remind yourself of the things that are going well for you. Forgive yourself for any past mistakes and focus on the things you can change. Give yourself a break from negative talk. Say out loud possible affirmations that make you feel good.

Laugh more.

You may have heard before that laughing releases endorphins and it takes your mind off of stressful things. Make a point to add laughter to the day by watching a comedy movie, television sitcom, or a standup comic, or tell someone a corny joke that makes you laugh.

Venture out to make new friends.

Making new friends doesn’t mean starting completely from scratch. Start by leveraging your existing acquaintances or existing friends and ask who you might get along with. Go to new places to meet new people, like attending a baseball game for the first time or a take your dog to a different park. There could be people to meet that you have never seen before.

Hug yourself!

Focus on the person who knows you the most, you! By showing an act of kindness with a hug, you will feel better about yourself on both an emotional and a physical level. So, give yourself a BIG hug throughout this holiday.

Just breathe.

One of the easiest self-care techniques is breathing. Just giving yourself a pause in the day to breathe reduces stress and lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Simply sit still, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Or, there are plenty of apps available to follow too.

Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!

Connect with your true love –YOU! Do some of these 9 Ways to love yourself today! Treat yourself with kindness and praise. You may even become an inspiration for others to do the same.

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