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notimelikepresent2Life and business coaches give terrific advice.

One piece of advice that I’ve gotten lately is to focus on accomplishing a certain number of tasks each day that may contribute to the success of my business.

These can include a variety of things and you can customize the list for the day to fit your own particular needs.

By doing this exercise regularly, it will help you regain momentum, steer more business your way and establish relationships for future endeavors.

Here are ten ideas to get your mind going in the right direction:

1. Update your LinkedIn profile.

This online networking tool can be a great source of leads, advice and relevant information. Make sure you are regularly taking a look at your profile with fresh eyes, making updates and refreshing your skill set. These updates will not only help you stay focused, it will show up in the feeds of your contacts and bring you to mind with them.

2. Make new connections.

Look through the list of contacts for your LinkedIn connections. If there are people you want to meet, reach out and ask your connection to make an introduction. There is a tool on LinkedIn that makes this very easy.

3. Join a group.

Either virtually or in person, seek out groups of other professionals either in your industry, or in industries you are interested in. For example, a communications person would look at marketing and public relations groups, but also groups that have needs in their specialty, such as healthcare or real estate.

4. Have lunch!

Find a business group that you’re interested in and attend one of their monthly/bi-monthly/weekly meetings. This can be a great place to connect and meet new, potential clients.

5. Take someone to coffee.

Reach out to business connections and invite them to coffee. You can pick each other’s brains, bounce ideas around and maybe walk away with some fresh ideas.

6. Reach out.

Have you built up a good base of connections on LinkedIn? Reach out to a certain number of them every day (when this is on my list, I reach out to five). Ask how they are doing, update them on your business endeavors and offer your services if it makes sense. They could serve as a referral or a new client.

7. Clean it up.

Take a look at your website. Invest a little time every so often in freshening up the content, looking for new ways to promote it and making sure your contacts know about it.

8. Find a mentor.

There are great people out there, and you’re probably connected to a few, who love to help foster relationships and help people grow their businesses. Look for them, reach out and set a time for a brainstorming session. You’d be amazed at how much direction you can glean from a phone call.

9. Do it better.

You have probably thought “I could do that better” on any number of occasions. Well, do it. If you have an idea and you have a connection at that company, consider offering it up. A thoughtful, creative suggestion could open a door to projects, work or even a position.

10. Help others.

Write a recommendation, endorse their skills, connect them to your connections. Making the effort to help others will help you as well.

It’s all about relationships and the more we can help one another, the better off we will all be.

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