brand-icon-logoHaving come through a successful launch of a new name, logo, and brand colors, we learned it was the right direction,  for the right reason, and with the right people to make it happen

We learned 3 things In choosing to take the risk:
1.  We chose the experts to show us what we needed to do and why!  Thanks to Sage and Savvy Marketing CEO Lucille Fisher for doing a thorough Marketing Assessment to validate the need to make this change, and the tools we would need to have in place to be successful. Every company should have this done to make sure you are doing the best for your employees, clients, and yourself.

2.  Once we had that information in front of us it was clear a decision needed to be made to insure that the brand name was simple, easy to understand of what we do, and concise of what we have to offer.  Thanks to Atlantic Webworks, President, Adrienne Jandler and her team created our new logo, developed our color theme, and handled all the website changes and email formation so that everything would work easily with little disruption to our company or clients.

3.  It’s clear the direction for us as a Speaker Bureau was to become one with a new flair! We are filling the niche of personal service and added value, both for the client who needs a speaker, and for our speakers who contract with us to make that perfect match happen.

Re-branding is not a need for every company, just make sure you are not overlooking the signs before it becomes a necessity!

Sue Falcone- Founder and CEO






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