Ever noticed most great leaders have similar qualities? They have confidence, are patient with others, and are focused on getting the best out of others. Good leadership is a by-product of good habits, and here are 10 daily ones that successful leaders do.

1. Morning Routines
Most great leaders start their mornings with similar patterns every day.
Don’t get caught up on *what* to do; that is not as important.
Some wake up and run
Others wake up and lift weights
Some get up late and take a hot shower.
Others wake up early and take a cold shower.
It’s essential to do something consistent that you enjoy.

2. Planning
Great leaders set priorities and make plans for the day.
They don’t mindlessly scroll through social media, and they don’t let their circumstances dictate their approach.
Instead, they identify the most important things to do, and they create a plan to do them.

3. Meditation
Meditation is a common daily habit you’ll find among great leaders.
But not everyone sits still for 20 minutes trying to clear their thoughts.
Some use traditional meditation while others run or workout.
Do whatever you need to do to efficiently clear your distracting thoughts.

4. Exercise
You won’t be surprised to learn that many successful leaders exercise daily.
Exercise relieves you of stress, improves your energy, and helps you stay disciplined, productive, and focused.
Do what you enjoy and stay consistent.

5. Learning
Courses, reading, podcasts, and YouTube Videos are great ways to get exposure to different ways of thinking.
Great leaders learn new things daily.

6. Conversations with the Team
Great leaders communicate with their teams daily and define their success by the success of their team.
Don’t only talk about work; connect on a personal level with everyone.
Learn from them and connect with your team regularly.

7. Active Listening
Great leaders aren’t focused on relaying instructions and dominating the conversation.
They give their team members plenty of space and time to express themselves.
They take the thoughts and feelings of others seriously and address them however they can.

8. Reframing
This habit can make or break any leader.
Good leaders reframe their perceptions daily.
They see:
business risks as opportunities
tight deadlines as motivating factors
being stuck in traffic as more time to learn

9. Improving
Great leaders are always improving something.
They’re improving themselves, others, and their environment.
Many leaders make a point to improve one thing every day.
There’s no room for complacency if you want to achieve excellence.

10. Gratitude
Great leaders aren’t always chasing advancement.
They take the time to express gratitude for where they are.
It helps them, and it lets their team know you appreciate them

My challenge to you today: Which habit are you going to implement and work on today?